WeAvIng thE locKeT

“A cord of three is not easily broken.” Love is a CHOICE that comes with responsibility which should not be COMPLICATED… I recently met a friend and as we were chatting about the various aspects of our lives as usual… the topic drifted to “Are you seeing someone?” Well, this got me thinking…. I always felt the need to validate my relationship status of course why am I still single until recently when an Aha! Moment hit me. All my life I have tried Note the word tried to avoid meaningless relationships, I mean shouldn’t it be goal oriented? Therefore, I chose not to just settle. Call me picky, too choosy or even lack of greener pastures on my side remember I can mow my lawn, water it and end result lush green ahaa! …Well, for me a man is not responsible for my happiness. I have learnt how to go to God for my joy and filling. It’s a process; baby steps at that. Do not misquote me; for I know there are good men out there thumbs up to those who have found their adorable matches. However, I believe that if we just raise our standards just by a small margin we can stop drawing in the wrong ones. For me a relationship that’s moving too fast; especially when the conditions are not God-honoring or considerate of each other or others, result into dire heartbreak for our feelings tend to fool us and our understanding is limited. Only God knows when I will be ready for that responsibility of commitment; He’ll reveal the right person under the right circumstances and for that I will wait patiently!

“You can make many plans, but, the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” ~ Proverbs 19:21

Here is the Funny thing, am über thankful for closed doors or opportunities as many of you might say. They often guide us to that right one, why? A man is so much more than sex and money. I would like someone who just doesn’t promise yet, commits whole heartedly. You see the difference is a Promise is an assurance or declaration of doing something while Commitment is the declaration for which one tends to become dedicated to ensure that the declaration holds true. See, eh! Am not looking for perfection in a man or someone who will complete me (attributes of God alone).  Am in search of that simplicity in its own beauty that individuality of one whose imperfect yet brings out the best in me. I mean am that girl… inspiring me is good but when you make me laugh magic happens to my heart. Willing to go an extra mile to uncover beneath my fragile heart; a personality so complex full of abundance of thoughts and feelings which am great at hiding by the way. In my warm-heartedness, lies a sympathetic and understanding nature. I expect a lot from others and equally from myself too. May he know am a very good judge of character given that my downside is reserved; confiding my thoughts and feelings to only the very few that I trust. Am deeply hurt by rejection or criticism unless constructive but that’s depends on how you put it. However, am loyal and reliable; a permanent relationship is very important to me. He will not only have to break through the shell but bring down the sky scraping walls surrounding it for I seldom fall in love, head over heels nor do quick affairs. I will sometimes find it very difficult to clearly show my affection although those feelings are deep and sincere. May he learn to embrace my strengths at the same time understand my weakness. Maybe just maybe I am that one person someone somewhere is praying for. Hopefully God is molding me into the right and deserving hundred%.




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