Mt. Longonot”Kilele Ngamia” climb

The hike that was. This challenge taught me key things in life.. I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.̶…

Source: Mt. Longonot”Kilele Ngamia” climb

Mt. Longonot”Kilele Ngamia” climb

The hike that was. This challenge taught me key things in life.. I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.

  1. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Don’t give up keep pushing forward you will eventually reach your destination. Take your time life is not a marathon it’s a process, slow steps of Grace.

  1. “The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

Kilele Ngamia the summit of Mt. Longonot, a peak indeed. It was the most beautiful point. Be rest assured the harder the climb the bigger the blessing. Standing there the breeze and the view of the whole mountain was incredible.

  1. “Someday you’ll get there to the place you’ve always wanted to be.”

We all get there, take you time your path is your own. Take heart your road may look steep but there is nothing you cannot conquer compared to where you’re from.

  1. “Just because your path is different doesn’t mean you are lost.”

You don’t have to take the same path as others be different try the longest route but the road still leads to the same point.

  1. “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.”

Your struggles are preparing you for your destiny, embrace them for you are being molded for a higher calling that which is your purpose.

  1. “Sometimes you have to be your own hero.”

Bring out the fighting spirit in you. A challenge presenting itself fight your way out you can do it. You are a fighter!

  1. See how far you’ve come be proud of yourself. If nothing else, one day. You can look at someone straight in the eyes and say: “But I lived through it and it made me who I am today.”

When you reach the peak of your life look back and appreciate the journey. It was a process, a humbling experience.

  1. “Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.”

Take a leap of Faith. That’s all you will ever need, Faith that you can do it… move it.

  1. After your season of suffering God in all His grace will RESTORE, CONFIRM, STRENGTHEN AND ESTABLISH you. 1 peter5:10

He gives us strength in all our trials He never promised an easy road. However, He promised to be there. He is faithful and His grace is sufficient. The God of the mountain is still the same God of the valley. He is still God regardless of our circumstances.

  1. “Not everyone is meant to stay in your life.”

Some people come to guide you, others to motivate you, others to walk with you and others to push you to the next step only to leave when you have crossed the difficult part of the journey. Those who walk with you in the hardest moments are for keeps.

To God be the glory, no trial is permanent regardless of how hard it is for there is always a resting point. It’s a process, eventually we all get there even though some gave up on the way. The resilient spirits stayed to push forward… aren’t we all fighters in our own way.

“Gratitude unlocks the Windows of Heaven.”

“The closer we are to the shepherd the safer we are from the wolves.” The year (2016) started on a low note, every aspect of my life fell apart. I did not know what was happening however beginning of it we were told to write down what we expected to accomplish. Among my desires was to have a closer relationship with God, more of an encounter. Well! 2016 was the year God Brought out my fears, my insecurities, limitations and unbelief (Christ says in Matt 9:29 “It shall be done to you according to your faith”). My Faith did not make things easy, it made them possible. He taught me that over the years apart of me felt entitled yet, Gratitude needed to be a great part of my relationship with Him. God loves to test His people. Every child that comes to God must be tested, child trained with no exceptions. He has chosen me, all my trust and Believe that I place in Him is being tested. It’s been a humbling experience where I had to forget myself, die out and let Christ come in and live His life in me. He stripped me of all my pride and during my weakest moments, He gave me His strength. Most of all He brought out the Gratitude spirit in me. Indeed in the words of Thomas S. monson “Gratitude unlocks the windows of heaven.” He is a God of Process and for every little thing He does its part of a bigger picture, He is the artist and am just but the painting. He works from within and the painting is not yet done. He reminds me daily, He is all I have; therefore I have all I need. When God is taking you somewhere He strips you of everything you ever knew and brings new or replaces none. Cause where you are going those He has removed were not of your purpose. He also opened my eyes to see to those around me and my surrounding. It’s like a spiritual insight of what you have never seen before. I was hurting yet it was a blessing as it made me pray even more. As a result I planted my faith and rooted my belief in His word …scripture provided the answers and I completely disintegrated myself before the altar of Grace. I was not broken rather He was stripping me of all doubts, conforming my ways to trust He who made the world out of nothing. The little things that made no sense I learnt that it was Grace. Isaiah 66:9 I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born says the lord. When I read the bible I find myself falling in love with the author every day, spending time with Him has put many things into perspective. In all this adversity there is a hidden purpose. Therefore, am grateful. I will take any trial, any persecution and any punishment. For this reason His word assures me the magnitude of the blessing coming my way. My contentment has come from giving God a priority in my life from every decision to first place in my life. I have found my peace in Him through my gratitude and as a result my daily life has become everything wrapped miracle.

“God’s Grace is immeasurable, His mercy is inexhaustible and His peace is inexpressible.”

He is working in me, For me and through me He is on my side and I am grateful that He has opened doors In the things familiar we find security Resisting all the changes that days and years can bring When God decides to lead you through an open door Inviting you to walk in realms you’ve never known before. Beyond the open door is a new and fresh anointing Hear the Spirit calling you to go Walk on through the door for the Lord will go before you into a greater power you’ve never known before
Where He leads me, I will follow
Where He leads me, I will follow
And where He leads me, I will follow
Into a greater power you’ve never known before
Beyond the open door

Grace Abounds

She was not born of a silver spoon. She alone knows the weight. Masks hold such power and she wears hers like a crown on her head. She fights for everything because nothing comes easy. If she had given up every time she felt her life crumbling into pieces, she would not have the courage to witness that life goes on. Pain, eventually, renders her numb and she learnt to let go since giving up is not an option. Best believe, her faith has taken her places her fears dared not go because she choose to believe in that still small voice. That same voice that said “I will break you to make you whole…I will Raise you from the ashes, for I did set you apart in your mother’s womb. I knew you by name and every strand of hair on your head. I will go before you and level the mountains in your life. I know the trials and tribulations you will go through thus, I sent my Beloved Son to open way for Mercy and Compassion. Through him I said it was finished and I meant it. All you have to do is believe in me, I will show you how Magnificent I am and have always been. I am the same one who parted the sea for the Israelites to pass through. I provided manna in the desert and I provided a lamb when I commanded Abraham to sacrifice his own son Isaac. I sent my only Son as a demonstration of my love for you…through His crucifixion you were redeemed in my Grace. I, who am able to do exceedingly, abundantly even more than you could ever ask for, am faithful to those who choose to trust in me. I keep my word, and from generation to generation I stay the same. Be still! Allow me to come through for you, be patient in affliction and faithful in your prayers. Lay your burdens, worries, sickness and depression before me…Let me know the deepest desires that you have kept in your heart. Allow me to work in you and for you. Lay down your armor for you have little strength and you are weary of the troubles around you. Let me fight for you…I will shield you from the weapons of the enemy…my body is full of scars as an evidence of what was won at the cross for your sake. Yes! There is nothing too big for me; I have prevailed before and darkness bowed down, the curtain was split, no longer a hindrance but the mercy seat is reachable to you. I conquered death for you. I ask you again what is it that I cannot do? Submit to me, unload yourself of those burdens and delight in me that your desires may be granted. There are no impossibilities with me… There is no ocean I cannot cross for you and there is no storm that I cannot calm in your life. Call upon my name, petition your requests to me and I will answer. For I will never forsake you, I will never leave you. You will emerge victorious and through you, my name will be Glorified and praised. You are my own, I know what you have gone through and when you acknowledge my presence in your life I am delighted to know that you see my footprints in it. Do not give up, Persistence is the key that unlocks the faith and through faith I Place an open door before you. Do not give up, Wait upon me patiently I am working behind the scene. Though you might not feel my presences, look up to that Cross. Breakthrough is around the corner. Do not give up! those who trust in me are never ashamed. I love you with an everlasting love, I will build walls of fire around you and anyone who tries to come in unless with my permission will be burnt. Do not give up! For it is done in my name…A name so Great that at the utterance of it the chains in your life will be broken and you will be set free…Free indeed! Do not give up! The yoke cannot hold and the generational ties are cut in my name. From you I am raising a generation of remnants in me. You are a child of a king…a princess, royalty runs deep within your veins and since you have chosen me… I choose to fight for you and like the walls of Jericho I will bring the enemy down at you feet. VICTORY IS YOURS you just have to claim it in my NAME!!!!

PS: I have a way of making things Beautiful in my own time…I am not late; the timing has to be perfect I follow process. “