When Two become THREE

Plot twist; Lemba Princess on the way!

Darling Husband always wanted a son as our first child while I on the other hand wanted a girl. After the loss of our first pregnancy and over a year of trying (our testimony and story here). My perspective and my prayer changed; whichever gender came first was no longer an issue. As long my womb was blessed, and the baby was healthy. Late 2019, hope came knocking bringing good news. We were excited and looked forward to welcoming a new family member in this home of two. Due to our previous experience and being cautioned by the Holy spirit, it became a private affair until vision was birthed into a reality. The journey began; symptoms came, and appointments followed suit. Our first ultrasound was on the 12th week, darling Husband and I were convinced that it was a boy judging by the ‘mythical signs’.  After 20 weeks of being ‘certain’ that we were having a son we reported for our 2nd ultrasound to check for anomalies and to know the gender. Father to be made it in the nick of time. I was already prepped on the table and the sonographer had started to check the measurements. At the first sight of the baby the sonographer noted that the baby had beautiful lips. He steps in the room when she is checking the hands and fingers. She noted that baby had long fingers…At this point Mr. Is elated and he quickly confirms that those are his fingers. A quick glance at him; I can see his eyes shimmer with happiness as he adjusts himself on the seat with pride. Every measurement is taken. Baby is doing fine and well within the growth range; I murmur a prayer, Lord am grateful. Finally, we are asked if we would like to know ‘What we are having’. We both answer in unison ‘yes’ otherwise if it were routine check-up DH would be at work. This was “THE APPOINTMENT” in our books. She tries scanning through, baby is facing back so it is hard. After a few minutes of staring at the screen she says, “I see a white line“. It is our first time, so we do not know what that means. A few seconds into it she utters “it seems you are having a girl“. I realise a nervous laugh and slowly turn towards Mr. I spot the question on his face more like check again please. The sonographer does a bit of more checks and she requests that I cough.

Without hesitation she announces “yep, it’s a girl. Congratulations!!!”

Darling Husband seems taken aback for a split of a second. He has a calm demeanour unless you know him you would not tell. A few minutes later, the examination ends, and we gather ourselves quickly exiting the room. I must use the restroom; we do not say much to each other during our short walk to the reception area. I excuse myself and leave him standing in the middle of the reception looking perplexed. A few minutes later I emerge, and he is still standing there. ‘I wonder what he is thinking’. I pick some free mummy goodies and ask him if we can go. He asks which way and I take the lead… Outside the hospital corridor, I let out a little chuckle… I know he was hoping for a boy instead of a girl. With a bit of sarcasm, in his voice he asks what seem to be funny. He reminds me that this was my desire from the first day we talked about our children (he might be thinking I did this on purpose). I ask him how he feels about it…. He says he is okay, but I can feel his light dimmed a little. We reach home, after eating. He decides to take a nap… Mr. needed to reboot. No longer a prince but a princess. He is reminded of the time we were praying over us getting married. God had revealed to him that our first child would be a beautiful baby girl. An hour later I wake him up with kisses, reminding him that we are going to have a little girl. He settles and declares that indeed we are having a little Princess who will be running around. He is once again thrilled. Our little girl is coming soon, he will be an amazing dad. He has looked forward to this for so many years. God has blessed him; He has restored that which was lost before.

This picture was taken a month before we knew the gender of our baby. I got into an empty bus and sat at the back, my normal preferred sit. I saw the bottle and thought of the coincidence to find a baby bottle at the back when most mothers sit at the front with the prams. As I observed the bottle, I had a voice tell me to take a picture of it, after all I was pregnant. After the ultrasound, three days later the Holy spirit reminded me of this picture. The baby bottle was Pink!!

And to the journey of parenthood we say Amen… God is Faithful.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
(God’s masterpiece)
Ephesians 2:10