My Top 5 Reflections in 2020

‘Wherever life plants you bloom with grace’

1.Define your blessings; your race is yours alone, growth does not have to be seen or felt. Your progress does not have to measure to the society’s standard.

The pressure of having it together by a certain age i.e. by age 30, one is expected to be (married + child/ren) + job [career ladder*six figure salary] big German machine with a house mortgage on your bank statement. The society pressures one to be within that range …I too defined my blessings based on the above standards but looking back I must admit that I was naive, lacked wisdom and all my ambitions were driven by selfish desires and pride. However, ever since I let go and let God…my growth trajectory has taken another turn; my blessings are now defined within the boundaries of His word. I am running my own race according to His appointed time. Its no longer about what the society dictates and measures as a success but only that which God says YES to my obedience.

2.Motherhood is a privilege though bestowed to many, intentions and motives must be pure. You are a missionary raising the next generation.

A baby is a blessing that will rock your world literally! To say the least… change your body, shift your perspective, question your reality and vaporise your fantasy. Not only that, staying at home 24/7 as a stay-home-mom is a serious job, it’s not for the fainted hearted and weak minds. If you are not prepared for it you will question everything about your decision to become a mother, shift blame on your partner and resent the transition in something meant for good. All in all, it’s been a humbling experience, full of faith and a strong desire to serve by my best at little human.

3. I desire to be accepted and not approved; I am enough!

I have evolved in owning up my voice, my thoughts and my approaches; ‘am unapologetically myself’. Sometimes through the hardships, failures and struggles. We find ourselves conditioned that in order to “receive” we must drop our identity and conform to fit into someone’s else’s description. You are an individual allowed to charter his/her own path. therefore, move against the grain, against the reformers, conformers and regulators. It’s in the ‘spirit of rebellion’ from old ways that new doors have been opened. No longer on survival mode, it’s time to live an active life. Above all let not the opinions of man interfere with the direction given to you by God.

4. ‘Take rest my child’, the importance of resting season.

Rest the art to pause, gift by God restore, replenish and refocus your heart and mind. Though I have not been physically and mentally burnt out in this season however, I have found peace in the unexpected way. Letting go of the frustrations of how I anticipated that motherhood season would be. Releasing the anxiety of being pregnant and delivering during the pandemic. Freeing myself of the idea that an ideal 21st century woman/mother must have a thriving side hustle preferably online business while taking care of a new-born/children and running a household. We live in a fast paced and instant generation. our status is defined by how many projects we got going at the same time. I remember someone called me and in the midst of the conversation they inquired what I was doing on the side apart from being just at home and taking care of my darling daughter…this got me thinking must I be doing something else besides taking care of my new baby even though she is just months old. What if what I was doing was not productive, what if I made all the money in the world at the expense of my daughter not getting enough of her mother…my husband not being able to rest from work because am quick to get him to babysit so I can get my business in check. I remember the Holy Spirit checked my heart for the plans I had driven by my own self ambitions. Season of motherhood is sacrificial everything that I was doing in this season required my energy and solely dedicated to it. It was time to reset and motherhood was my reset button.

5. God of impossibility, all knowing, all powerful and ever present

Extra ordinary calling leads to extraordinary life. when I made the decision to surrender and submit to God plans for me, I never knew how much my mind would be blown. It’s a life of faith daily, it’s a hard life for an outsider looking in, its even harder for those living within the walls of His guide. It takes Christ to live a life even close to Christ-like. We can not do it alone, yet I choose to do it because I trust my Father, He says “Come unto me and I will give you rest.” He has never failed me before and I know through His Word He will never fail me. He has my back even when I find myself caught between the hardships of life; He turns out to be the very same rock that I can lean on. God is good every bit God is good. He remembers!!!

For great is His love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.

Psalms 57:10-11